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Advantages of Frosted Window Film.


(1) Frosted film adds luster to the architectural glass wall, making the appearance of the building more beautiful.

(2) Frosted film auxiliary interior design, beautify office partition.

(3) Frosted film provides special labeling services to customize customer ICONS/marks.

(4) Frosted film creates privacy to give people a free private space.

(5) Frosted film color rich style change flexibility, creative simple realization, compared with the traditional carved pattern glass more beautiful, clearer.

(6) Frosted film reduces visual interference, and makes full use of light, which is an excellent choice for office partitions, restaurants and store doors.

(7) Frosted film to reduce blinding light, frosted film to reduce visual fatigue, protect eyesight, improve the building working environment.

(8) Frosted film safety and environmental protection, glass frosted film has the function of enhancing the strength of glass is a reliable weapon against earthquakes, hurricanes and outdoor explosions, but also to prevent criminals from easily breaking Windows and entering the house, strictly prevent glass shattering splash injury effectively protect personal safety.

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