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What kinds of wallpaper are there?


The birthplace of wallpaper in Europe, the Nordic countries are the most popular, environmental protection and the best quality; It is followed by Southeast Asian countries, and the penetration rate of wallpaper in Japan and South Korea is as high as 90%. In our country, wallpapers are also widely used in home improvement because of their rich and colorful patterns and convenient and fast construction. Now wallpaper has been widely used by the majority of consumers, wallpaper adds more ornamental to the home, so that the home becomes beautiful. But can consumers distinguish between different types of wallpaper?

1, paper wallpaper

Paper wallpaper is the earliest developed wallpaper. Printed on the paper with a variety of patterns, the base is good breathability, can make the water in the base of the wall distributed outwards, will not cause discoloration, bulging and other phenomena. This kind of wallpaper is relatively cheap, but the performance is poor, not resistant to water, not resistant to scrubbing, easy to break, and not easy to construction, has gradually been eliminated, belongs to the low-grade wallpaper.

2, plastic wallpaper

Plastic wallpaper This is currently the most production, the fastest sales of a kind of wallpaper. Most of the plastics used are polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC plastic wallpaper. Plastic wallpaper is usually divided into ordinary wallpaper, foam wallpaper, etc., each category is divided into a number of varieties, and each variety is divided into a variety of colors. Ordinary wallpaper with 80g per square meter of paper as the base material, coated with about 100g per square meter of PVC paste resin, and then through printing, monochrome embossing, printing embossing several types. Foam wallpaper with 100g per square meter of paper as the base material, plastic 300-400g per square meter of PVC paste resin mixed with blowing agent, printing and then foam. This kind of wallpaper is thicker and softer than ordinary wallpaper. The surface of the high foaming wallpaper is elastic and convex; Low foam wallpaper is printed in the foam plane pattern, such as relief, wood grain, tile. Plastic wallpaper color variety, wide application. The price is low, the permeability is good, the seam is not easy to crack, and the surface has a layer of wax surface, which can be scrubbed with a wet cloth if it is dirty, so the sales condition is better.

3, natural material wallpaper

Natural material wallpaper is the wallpaper made of grass, wood, leaves and other raw materials from nature. This kind of wallpaper is based on nature, the style is simple and natural, simple and elegant, and the life atmosphere is strong, giving people a sense of returning to nature.

4, glass fiber wallpaper

Glass fiber wallpaper is also known as glass fiber wall cloth. It is a new type of wall decoration material made of glass fiber cloth as a substrate, coated with resin and printed on the surface. Its base material is woven with medium alkali glass fiber, with polypropylene, acid methylase as raw materials for dyeing and crisp treatment, to form a color grey cloth, and then ethyl acetate and other allocation of grain printing, through cutting, roll into the finished product. Glass fiber wall cloth has many patterns, bright colors, no fading, no aging in indoor use, good fire and moisture-proof performance, can be cleaned, and the construction is relatively simple.

5. Textile wallpaper

It is made of silk, wool, cotton, linen and other fibers. Good texture, good air permeability. Use it to decorate the living room, giving a person with elegant, soft and comfortable feeling. Among them, non-woven wallpaper is made of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp or polyester and nitrile synthetic fibers, which are formed by non-woven molding, resin and colored pattern printing. Its characteristics are crisp, not easy to tear, elastic, smooth surface, and the feeling of cashmere, and bright color, elegant pattern, not easy to fade, with a certain permeability, can be scrubbed. Brocade wall cloth is a more advanced, satin woven with elegant and delicate patterns, colorful color, soft texture, the technical and technical requirements of the pasting are high. Its price is more expensive. It is used for interior decoration.

6, metal film wallpaper

Coated with metal film on the base, it has the texture and luster of stainless steel, gold, silver, brass and other metals. Non-toxic, odorless, no static electricity, wet, sun fast, scrubbing, do not fade, is a high-grade paper hanging material. This kind of wallpaper gives people a magnificent, solemn and generous feeling, suitable for strong atmosphere occasions, generally used in karaoke halls, hotels and other public places, the home environment should not be selected.

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