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Advantages of wallpaper(1)


Paper-backed adhesive wallpaper is currently the most widely used wallpaper variety. It has the main advantages of diverse colors, rich patterns, affordable prices, resistance to dirt, and resistance to scrubbing.

1.Various folding colors

Through the design of different patterns in printing and embossing molds, the overprinting of multiple printing colors, and the combination of various embossing textures, the wallpaper patterns are colorful.

There are plain papers that are suitable for a steady and elegant office space, as well as geometric patterns with strong contrasts that are suitable for young people to be cheerful and unrestrained; there are floral papers that allow you to see landscapes, silk and bamboo without leaving home, and there are also papers that cater to children's tastes and take you into a wonderful fairy tale world. cartoon paper.

With the right design, wallpaper can create whatever atmosphere you want in your home.

2.Affordable folding price

In the past, when you stepped into a high-end star-rated hotel, you might be impressed by its luxurious style. You hoped that your home would be equally noble and elegant, but you were deterred by the high decoration price.

Nowadays, the domestically produced paper-backed rubber-covered wallpaper that is popular on the market has a total price of 10 to 20 yuan/square meter plus construction costs. A room of 20 square meters can be given a new look for just a few hundred yuan. This price structure is particularly suitable for the needs of the working class.

Home space, hotel enjoyment, constantly seeking novelty while reserving differences, creating popular domestic wallpaper manufacturing industry, making your dreams come true.

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