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Kitchen grease sticker advantages and disadvantages?



1, The kitchen grease sticker is mainly used to protect the kitchen wall, it uses environmentally friendly and healthy materials, will not cause adverse effects on the human body; Its water and oil resistance is excellent, do not worry about oil stains on the wall after pasting it;

2, It is bright colors, do not fade, keep beautiful and clean characteristics; The material quality is very durable, the use time is long, and the edge is not warped, and the high temperature resistance is not deformed.

3, The installation of kitchen oil-proof stickers is very convenient, tear the film directly attached to the wall, tile, wall, wood, stainless steel surface can be pasted. It is also very convenient to clean after dirty, you can use cleaning agents, do not have to worry about chemical agents damaging the material.


1, Kitchen grease stickers are not suitable for all walls, if it is easy to brush milk paint and other moisture absorption, easy to fall off the base is not suitable for pasting.

2, In the kitchen with oil-proof stickers, can be more abrupt, to a certain extent, affect the beauty.

3, The kitchen grease sticker is more difficult to tear off, usually there will be glue left on the tile, you need to take additional measures to clean up, relatively troublesome.

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